Tuesday, April 17, 2018

GameJam Results #30 overall!

The results just got in for the MetaGame jam. We placed 30th overall, and were ranked #10 in the category "Metaness Quality." In was a really fun game jam to do. It was just one of us actually working on the jam, so the resources were a tad bit limited. I had considered putting in a sprite editor and a madlibs to the game but wasn't able to get all of that in.

The end project felt pretty cohesive. When a player loads up the game they just click on the folders to add assets to their game. Then click Play to "beat" their game. Then they win the game! However, there are bugs that will try to eat your folders/play :(. I also decided to make the music of the game in an in-game music player. I think this may have been a little unnecessary, but it added a fun vibe.

There are also in-game bugs that change the experience. For instance, if you add in the LvLs first and then the art - it will render your LvL sprite as your actual enemy. This is kind of weird to explain, but basically, the order of your game assets can create a slightly different experience.

The sounds add in multiple effects for when your character shoots his projectile. The link is below for anyone who wants to check out the game. It is a browser-friendly game (not mobile friendly).

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